2023 Fleurty Rosé



This rosé is a careful blend of different varietals to craft an aromatic and perfumed wine. Pinot Noir, Mourvèdre and Barbera make up the majority of red varietals in the blend, components which were grown specifically for this wine, and direct pressed for cool ferment in stainless steel. The other rosé components were sourced via saignée (juice drain off) from freshly crushed Reserve red fruit parcels and fermented in barrel for texture and complexity.  The final component is the inclusion Gewürztraminer which provides the wonderfully sweet floral and ginger spice notes.  This wine was bottled with a slight spritz to give extra vibrancy to the palate.


pH 3.35
TA 7.8 g/L
Alcohol 12.0%
Residual Sugar 20 g/L


Wonderfully aromatic and slightly spritzy, the Fleurty Rosé is a playful and fun wine.  The nose is full with floral spice, ginger and honeysuckle notes, and an abundance of red berry and watermelon aromas. The palate is refreshingly juicy and concentrated, packed full of crushed berry fruit and tropical juice flavours on a long and lively palate.


4.5 Stars Sam Kim Wine Orbit