Level Two Update

Hello all,

These are certainly strange times with strange rules. We appreciate the need for a community response to “Delta covid-19”, and for rules to facilitate a practical and safe response. We are also grateful to the people of Auckland for taking another one for the national team as a consequence of being New Zealand’s principal gateway to the world.


At Askerne we are reopening our cellar door from tomorrow, Wednesday 8th September for those customers who are able and choose to be out and about. Our staff will be wearing masks as required. Fortunately customers do not need to wear masks while tasting. Scan ins are now mandatory and we will be managing social distancing as required. Our decision to expand the cellar door last year has given us space to provide good service and our staff are looking forward to seeing customers again. “Drop-in” visitors are gratefully received, subject to capacity,  or we can reserve a space if you ring us on 06 877 2089 or email us on cellardoor.askerne@xtra.co.nz.


For those of you who remain locked down, or who aren’t traveling to Hawke’s Bay, we have left open our online offer of 10% discount for 6-11 bottle purchases, 20% discount for 12 or more bottle purchases, with freight free on six bottles or more. These discounts can continue to be activated, on our website www.askernewines.co.nz , by using the promotional codes SIXES for 6-11 bottles purchases and TWELVES for 12 or more bottles purchases.


The first of our 2021 vintage wines has now been released which is our Sauvignon Blanc. It is principally an export wine, but it is a bright, fresh, fruity and crisp reminder that Spring is upon us again. Buds are bursting in the vineyard and we are watching the weather forecast for frost risk.


Finally, a reminder – good wine might not cure covid-19, but it certainly helps with “covid fatigue”.


Stay safe, stay healthy and enjoy those of life’s pleasures that are available to you in these times.

Take Care,

The Team at Askerne


Coupon Codes

10% on 6 packs: SIXES
20% on 12 packs: TWELVES

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