Cameron Douglas MS Reviews

2018 Merlot Cabernet Franc Malbec

Ripe, complex, fruity and varietal with aromas and flavours of spicy Doris plums, blackberry and dried herbs and roasted bell-pepper. A spicy, woody layer with vanilla and bacon scents adds depth. Firm and dry on the palate with a mix of fruit and wood tannins layering in foundation textures along with acidity and youthful tension. Lengthy finish, well made and ready to drink from today if decanted or from late 2022 through 2028.
93 Points

2019 Reserve Chardonnay 

Nutty, creamy, full, ripe and richly scented bouquet. On the palate – flavours of baked nectarine and peach then grapefruit and spicy custard. Toasty barrel flavours with baked goods, clove and butter bring complexity and depth. Plenty of acidity and fine wood tannins bring contrast and freshness, mouthfeel and length. A lovely example with best drinking from today and through 2026+.
95 Points

2020 Pinot Gris

Fruity, complex, varietal and with soft aromatic spices delivers an intriguing bouquet. On the palate – very silky texture with contrasting acidity, a core of fruits with apple and quince, pear and some citrus pith. Balanced and well made with a persistently fruity finish. Best drinking from today and through 2023.
92 Points

2020 Viognier

Pure, fresh, varietal and enticing bouquet. Aromas of fresh apricot and yellow flowers, White spice and a touch of bacon. A fine lees autolysis adds complexity and intrigue. Satin cream texture on the palate with a core of white fleshed stone fruits, apple, spice and floral moments. Plenty of weight, fruit and delicacy. A lovely example ready to drink upon purchase and through 2025.
94 Points

2020 Gewurztraminer

Flowers and fresh white fleshed fruits, apricot and tropical fruit, fragrant spices and gently exotic perfumes. Satin smooth texture on the palate accentuated by a core of fruit, contrasted by acidity and spice. Delicious, fresh, pure and ready with best drinking upon purchase and through 2024
93 Points

2019 Sauvignon Blanc Semillon Sauvignon Gris

Tropical fruit and fresh herb aromas of SB, a waxy Grapefruit and sweet hay note of Semillon and white spice and fresh apple note of the Gris. Fresh, fruity and savoury on the palate with fruit flavours that mirror the nose, a fine lees autolysis and refeshing acid line. Aperitif and appetiser courses wine. Balanced, well made and fresh. Drink now and through 2024+.
90 Points